Turk Evi "Open House-1"

Atilla01 Ataturk wall

Florida Turkish Center, "Turkevi" opened its doors to all Turks, Turkish American and other non-member friends, on Dec. 20, 2009
It was crowded, and all expressed their best wishes with encouraging statements. They signed our guest book, with their opinion, suggestion and appreciations.

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Thank you all, who visited Turk Evi. We expect more visits, more involvement with our activities.

Turkevi is ready

Front door Main hall

The Turkish Center is ready,after almost one full year of struggle, hard work and sweat.
It is just the combination of financial and manpower support of Turkish friends who have been dreaming of this day. Florida Turkish American Association has established in 1964, and formally registered as non-profit organization in 1987. From that day, It was the biggest dream of all Turkish decent American citizens, and we are proud of bring this dream into life. From now on, this space will be acting as binding mortar amongst us.

Board of Trustee had its first meeting in Turk Evi

Today, Board of Trustee had its first meeting in Turk Evi, together with Fund Rising Comitee
From Left to Right:
Erkan Nur(President), Ailla Orkan(Vise President), Dr. Ziya Celik, Dr. Vural Uluer
Dr.Tulin Oz, Dr. Aysegul Colak, Dr. Gulsen Celik, Nukhet Durudogan, Dr. Yilmaz Durudogan, Mustafa Cankat, Dr. Ali Manizade, Dr. Celal Colak, Fuat Ornarli(Secretary)

Ataturk Corner with plaques

The latest photo of the Ataturk Corner. The plagues "National Anthem" and "Speech to Turkish Youth"
have been hung.

First on-site Meeting

The tables, chairs are placed, over the new carpet. The first meeting was actualized.


Parquet Floor for stage platform is done. Our members cleaned and polished, Windows are cleaned

Signs are installed

Interior and exterior signs "FLORIDA TURKISH CENTER" and "FLORIDA TURK EVI" are installed.

Kitchen Countertop Installed

Kitchen Contertop is installed. Under spotlight the sparkling granite is now shining.

Power Connected

As of today, Nov. 03, 2009, FPL connected the power.

Florida Turkish Center Sign to the front door

Sign for Florida Turkish Center

Chrome plated stainless steel sign was manufactered.

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