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Florida Turkish Center Foundation
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Florida Turkish Center Foundation(FTCF) is a non-profit Florida corporation. The purpose of Florida Turkish Center is to purchase or to build an office and activity center (Turk Evi) in South Florida and make it available for the use of South Florida Turkish American community. FTC is managed by a board of trustees with 11 members (The Board of Trustees). The Board has the full authority to purchase it, to build it out, raise funds for the project and ensure that Turk Evi” is used for the benefit of the Turkish American community in South Florida.

The following activities are being planned in our new "Turk Evi"

  • Election
  • Annual meetings of FTAA and FTCF
  • Meetings of FTAA "Board of Directors" and FTCF "Board of Trustees"
  • Ataturk School
  • Classical Turkish Music Chorus
  • Celebration of National and Religious Days
  • November 10 "Ataturk Commemoration" ceremony
  • Mother's Day celebrations
  • Poem and Book Club Meetings
  • Backgammon tournaments
  • Private parties of the members
  • Film shows
  • Seminars, Conferences (for immigration laws, business laws, civil laws)
  • Educational Activities (Computer, Cooking, Documentary films, Language and cultural studies)
  • Artwork lessons
  • Activities for kids, younsters and women
  • Folkloric dance classes
  • Soccer match watching
  • Library (Book, CD, DVD exchange, reading, watching )
  • Dance, Belly dance, Yoga classes
  • (Proposal of other activities from members are welcome!)

    The price List:
    Small room rent( daily); $100 (FTAA members), $ 200 (non-members), Deposit is the same amount

    Hall rent (daily); $200 (FTAA members), $400 (non-members), Deposit is 1/2 of the amount

    Room & Hall; $300 (FTAA members), $600 (non-members), Deposit is 1/3 of the amount

    Wednesdays; HOME MADE LUNCH; $15 (FTAA members), $ 20 (non-members)

    Sundays; SOCCER WATCH With Pitza; $10 (FTAA members), $15 (non-members)

    Typ. Daily Events; $5 (FTAA members), $8 (non-members)


    3020 NE 32nd Avenue, Suite 123, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

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