Board of Trustee Meeting

Meeting was held on 11/6/2008.
The president Mr. Nur gave a brief history of the works executed during last 4 months to the trustee members, under 3 headings:
1- Preparing the bylaws, establishing a non-profit corporation
2- Searching and finding the first and second property. The reasons why the first property was canceled. The comparison in prices, advantages and disadvantages of both properties are thoroughly studied.
3- Financing, cost analysis

The secretary Mr. Ornarli explained the design of built-out of the first and the second property, and website works.

The members asked questions to clarify all the gray areas, and the executive committee of the trustee explained the procedure, financing, probable initial and operating costs in details.

It was agreed to arrange another public meeting to Turkish community in the coming weeks, prior to closing.

It is agreed to proceed on the work in full speed. Thus the public meeting shall be informative only.