Turk Evi Expanded to 3,291 Square Feet


Florida Turkish Center Foundation (Turk Evi Vakfi) purchased additional space (1,286 square feet) and closed on it on March 23, 2009. The Foundation (Vakif) paid $130,000 for the additional space. With the purchase of this new space, the size of Turk Evi increased from 2,005 square feet to 3,291 square feet. This new space added will provide more functionality to Turk Evi and it will provide more flexibility for the activities to be organized at Turk Evi.

At its last board meeting on March 7, 2009, Florida Turkish Center Foundation (Turk Evi Vakfi) had decided to purchase 2 more units (total of 1,286 square feet) adjacent to current Turk Evi. The decision was unanimous. Turk Evi Vakfi immediately sent out announcements and sought new financing ( $100,000) for the new purchase. Five individuals came forward and agreed to finance the new purchase, at the same terms of the financing of the initial purchase. South Florida Turkish community is very grateful to Dr. Ziya Celik, Dr. Ali Manizade, Dr. Sezai Olgac, Mr. Atilla Orkan and Dr. Vural Uluer for providing the necessary funds for this new expansion.

Photo (from the mortgage closing meeting of the purchase): Standing (left to right): Mr. Atilla Orkan, Dr. Ziya Çelik. Sitting (left to right): Dr. Sezai Olgaç. Dr. Ali Manizade, Dr. Ali Manizade, Dr. Vural Uluer, Mr. Fuat Ornarli, Mr. Erkan Nur.